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Photo taken at the second Wikipedia meetup in Melbourne, with me sitting on the right.

I have been contributing to the Wikipedia, mainly to various articles on mathematics, since July 2003. I was made an administrator in August 2005. My administrative actions are available for scrutiny here: block, protection, deletion. I am running Jitse's bot.

Languages. My first language is Dutch (or Limburgish, to be pedantic). My English is almost as good as a native speaker's (almost because of my accent). I learnt German, French and Latin in school, and can make sense of most Germanic and Romance languages.


I am involved in Blahtex, an attempt to get better MathML support in Wikipedia.

My grand plan is to plough through the articles on numerical analysis, and amend the articles or add new ones where necessary. I made a first sweep over interpolation (mainly polynomial interpolation) and root-finding. At that time, my attention was diverted to the PlanetMath Exchange project, which I used as a guide / excuse for working on linear algebra (not necessarily numerical).

Currently, most of my time is spent reacting on all kinds of issues that pop up on my watchlist. When I've time, I'm working on numerical linear algebra. Afterwards, I hope to go through the rest of the numerical analysis, possibly in the order numerical linear algebra - quadrature - ODEs - optimization - PDEs. I also want to do asymptotic analysis at some point. After I have finished all that, I can probably start all over again in the light of the changes to both the articles and my own knowledge.

Personal info[edit]

I was born in Belfeld, a village in the south-east of the Netherlands which currently forms part of the municipality of Venlo. I moved via Enschede (the Netherlands), Cambridge (England), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Melbourne (Australia) to Leeds (England), where I am now working as a post-doc in the mathematics department of the University of Leeds. My specialization is Numerical Analysis. More information can be gleaned from my (professional, thus boring) home page.

My name is pronounced as [ˈjɪtsə ˈnisən]. I mention for those wondering what pronoun to use that I am of the male sex.

I can communicate by encrypted email. My PGP public key ID is 0x7B140D12.



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