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Old talk[edit]

HJ -- this is not really a page about Endersch -- it's a page about a map he made. I am therefore cutting this and pasting to talk. Questions you might want to answer are why Endersch is important to mapmaking in general, when he lived, who commissioned his maps, etc. JHK 17:32, 20 November 2001

JHK cuts . Because of the large size, the map is sectioned in twelve parts.

When you click on the bottom left, the title of the mapmaker becomes visible. It states : S.Roem. Imp. Principi Johann Friedrich Endersch, Matematicus Regius. S. Roem. Imp. is abbreviation for :Sacrum Romanum Imperium or Holy Roman Empire.

The top right section shows the city of Elbing and the date as MDCCIV.

Outside link to map: [1]

Actually, I guess this does tell us a bit about Endersch -- he was Royal Mathematician, and the map was made for the Emperor or his court. It would be a good thing to put that into your stub, rather than just asking everybody to read the Latin... JHK