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List of chief ministers of QwaQwa

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The following is a list of the chief ministers of the South African apartheid era Bantustan of QwaQwa, also known as the Basotho ba Borwa.

Leaders of QwaQwa[edit]

Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office.

Tenure Incumbent
Basotho ba Borwa
April 1969 to 1 October 1971 Wessels Mota, Chief Executive Officer
Basotho QwaQwa
1 October 1971 to 1 November 1974 Wessels Mota, Chief Executive Councillor
QwaQwa (Self-Rule)
1 November 1974 to 19 May 1975 Wessels Mota, Chief Minister
19 May 1975 to 26 April 1994 Tsiame Kenneth Mopeli, Chief Minister
QwaQwa re-integrated into South Africa on 27 April 1994

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