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LMP may refer to:

Business and organizations

  • LMP – Hungary's Green Party (Lehet más a politika), a political party in Hungary formed in 2009 from a civilian initiative
  • Lampedusa Airport, an airport in Lampedusa, Italy with IATA code LMP
  • London Metropolitan Police, also known as the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the police force responsible for law enforcement within Greater London, excluding the City of London









Other uses

  • Licensed massage practitioner, or Licensed massage therapist
  • Last menstrual period, see Gestational age, the first day of the menstrual period prior to conceiving, used to calculate expected date of delivery
  • Last mile provider, provider of the final leg of a telecommunications network terminating at the subscriber's premises
  • Lighting Management Plan, in the context of resolving light pollution, inter alia
  • Lemon meringue pie, a dessert consisting of lemon curd and meringue fillings in a shortcrust pastry
  • "Like My Post", an invitation for readers to request an action by providing single-click feedback on a social website
  • Locational marginal pricing, also known as nodal pricing, a pricing concept used in some deregulated electricity markets

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