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Here is a letter from Dr. Volker Thewalt to me, John Hill, dated 15 May 2005 giving permission to use this photo in the Wikipedia:

Dear John,

thanks a lot for your email. It is very good, that Wikipedia is so correct about the rights of photographers and others.

I'm very glad with the way you put up my photos of Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi on the Wikipedia which I sent you exactly for that purpose. Of course I'm glad as well with the GFDL regulations on Wikipedia. Pictures on my own pages should remain corpyright protected but those you put for me on the Wkipedia are of course free.

I hope this information is sufficient to keep the pictures on the Wikipedia, else just let me know.

And thank you very much again for putting my pictures of Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi on the Wikipedia.

All the best Volker